Is Technical Support Available?
We always stand behind the work we do. As OzatWeb, we provide support for a certain period of time after the order, not until the completion of your order.
How Will We Pay The Fee?
You can start your order by paying your payments with Credit Card, Wire Transfer/Eft, Bitcoin. If you wish, you can start the transaction by paying 50% before the job.
How Do You Set Up The Site?

We build your sites on WordPress infrastructure with Premium Licensed themes. We provide convenience to you thanks to its easy manageability and editability.

Is Hosting & Domain Included In The Prices?
Our prices are single price and do not require hosting, domain, theme fees. If you want a theme other than the theme we offer you, you have to make an additional payment.
Mobil Uyumluluk Mevcut mu?

Çağımızın artık önemli yeri olan telefonlarımız, websiteniz içinde önemli yere sahiptir. Bu yüzden yaptığımız tüm işlemler tüm cihazlarda uyumlu olacak şekildedir.

Is Return Available?
Since we spend costs such as domain, hosting, theme in our website service, there are no refunds available. Our refund is valid for 7 days in the Graphic Design process.
Can We Orient It As We Want?
Certainly! While your site is being built, you can direct us to add and remove operations.
Can I Get a Price for My Special Project?
If you contact us for your special projects and send the details, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
Can You Make A Product Entry On My Website?

If it is more than the number we mentioned in the package, we can enter as many product entries on your website as you want, with an extra fee.

Is SSL (HTTPS) Available?
We provide SSL certificate service to all the sites we set up. Thus, the reliability of your site is registered!

Our Team For You
Provides 24/7 Support!

If you have any questions other than the ones above, fill out the form and we'll contact you!

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